Wildfire fine art studio


Life is like the tide, it ebbs and flows in wealth, health and experiences...all the more reason to hang around and see what happens next!

​You might think that I am an extrovert, I am not really, I am the introverts introvert. My values are simple, because I am a simple person, no, no not mentally. I am actually very smart and mostly a smart aleck. Okay, that’s ALL of the time. My goals are simple, I want a farm, raise my own food and animals, have a milk cow, chickens etc. and paint! I consider myself wise on some subjects, clueless on others, but after the battles fought, some won, some lost. I think I finally learned from all the mess, ok, then there are the OTHER times I keep banging my head against the wall and I already know the answer, but I am just not ready to accept it, which is called "denial".  I don’t know everything, but I do know, Acceptance and Forgiveness are the two hardest words in the literal world for us as humans, both men and women to believe in and execute, myself included. BUT, I am making progress...

My passion is to make people happy with art. Why? - I know I love bold bright colors, so I am sure other people do; to render animals, fantasy realms and far away people. I love making a painting or drawing that people can relate to, that maybe they will pause for a few moments from their busy day and gaze into it, their eyes traveling the lines, lights and shadows. As if they were waiting to be sucked into the painting and join with the picture and feeling the warmth of the skin, the muscles constricting and releasing the energy and power; feel the subjects breath, feel the rocks or trees beneath their hands or air swooshing by as they fly with a dragon or transported to another space. As they are staring at my artwork, I want them to lose themselves in their imaginations. It's all about letting them have their own adventure, an experience they didn't know they were going to have.

The story content I develop in my drawings and paintings are about a chosen subject, place, or situation I thought was provoking for a different time or world that is presented and that maybe, just maybe, it could be real. I create, so people will develop compassion for the imaginary subjects that I have created.

I have been lucky enough to be given a talent that everyone can identify with, just like music and mathematics, it is the same in different cultures even though the language is not. I do feel I need to work more on technique. So to create in my community of collectors via this website and to involve them in my crazy world, to open their minds about thoughts and deeds that will effect others and the places they will see. Seeing that kindness and compassion exists in life. This narcissism and instant gratification that is today's social acceptance. I want to show what old world knowledge and craftsmanship can do by getting down to basics and getting dirty will hopefully show people how to open their hearts and change their situation, life, way of thinking whatever you want to call it or just change the world. By opening my heart and in sharing my craft, visions and stories of the subjects and a moment in their lives I paint, real or otherwise. 

Create Passionately, Live and Laugh

Welcome page starfish photo credit: Brandon Lee