Life is like the tide, it ebbs and flows in wealth, health and experiences...all the more reason to hang around and see what happens next!

I am pleased to announce that new artwork will be available shortly. The date will be posted in the upcoming months so come back regularly as the website will have monthly renovations.

OUR art and writings...

​My Art and writings has over come pits of despair, joyful outbursts of creativity and the hovering picture beneath the surface, coiled like a spring with the release catch stuck. As I stand poised with paintbrush in hand the waiting for my muse to tickle my mind so I can paint something brilliant...I wait. The art though, is still is not perfected as of yet, continually practicing my craft. As I finally sit down, waiting for the dust to settle. I will organize my paper and painting supplies, then ask my muse what is next and try to listen to her encouragement. In the future you will see excerpts of stories and pictures as I make them happen.  Enjoy and feel free to contact me. Adventure is just around the corner!